Imperfectly Perfect Sale Items




If you’re looking for the very best bang for your buck, you’re in the right place. Our Imperfectly Perfect items are essentially ‘farm seconds’. They didn’t quite make the cut for trimmed flower, etc. but are too good to be used for extract/biomass. Inventory for each item is final, and is extremely limited for some items. Enjoy!

2020 Ounces- The 2020 ounces are machine trimmed. They are more bud-heavy than smalls ounces. Due to their age, they are extremely well cured. They still have good color and aroma.


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2021 Suver Oz., Pre-roll 5-pack, 2020 Lifter Oz., Fruit Chew Seconds, 2020 Sour Space Candy oz., 2019 Electra oz.